For the artists.

Want to get your music out there? Spotter will help you. You provide us the track, and we will look for suitable playlists that are likely to accept your new track. We calculate suitability based on many factors, including genre and audio features of the track (e.g. loudness, bounciness). We make it easier for you to leverage the followers of appropriate playlists. Curators of these popular playlists are provided with a constant stream of relevant new music, making the task of keeping their platlist up-to-date, and revelant, easier. Win for arists, win for curators.

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Our machines are picking out the latest and greatest playlists that you might want to send your track to. We're connecting you with the movers and shakers that best fit your awesome style.

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These suggestions have been determined based on the features of your track, inclduing genre and other audio features.